What Color says about You

Whether we realize it or not, the colors the we surround ourselves with – in our clothes, car or home – reveal a lot about us. Colors have a psychological component, through which we frequently communicate our moods, feelings, emotions and personality. The same way our shoes and bag are an accent to our outfit, the color on the front door of our home accentuates the façade.

red door.jpg

The front door has been considered as the principal portal on the façade of our home, which indicates the origin of circulation and through which energy and abundance enter. This is the reason why we should pay attention to its design, materials and color. When we choose a beautiful door, we’re not only making our house look aesthetically attractive but, we’re giving those who walk by it or our guests an idea of what our tastes and style are like.

We’ve recently seen the trend of using an accent color on our front door. Doing this makes it stand out and becomes an important element on the façade of our home. Take a look at the following list with color and its characteristics.

Blue: It is associated with the sky, water, abundance, prosperity and rest. The deeper tones evoke calm, peace and positive energy.

yellow door.jpg

Yellow: It is identified with social, friendly and optimistic people; it projects mental clarity, wisdom, confidence and humor.

Green: Connotes health, security, tranquility and harmony, in addition to growth, balance and compassion.

Purple: Behind a purple front door you’ll find the most social people and those with the biggest amount of close friends. It also represents energy and free spirit.


White: Means purity, serenity and peace, in addition to being associated with minimalist style, with being clean and organized.

Red: Historically, having red on the front door has been associated with “welcome”. It also reflects passion, energy and excitement. In Chinese culture the color red represents good luck and prosperity, it is used in weddings and it is the color on the biggest monetary denomination.


Black: A black door projects power, sophistication, authority and strength, and also has been associated to very successful professionals.

orange doors.jpg

Orange: It is attributed to outstanding, optimistic and social personalities.

Brown: Transmits warmth, stability and trust, while darker hues indicate the need for privacy.

As an interior designer, I suggest that you identify the characteristics that best describe you or that you wish your home would exhibit and that you expose them through the color on your front door at home. Dare to be different. You’ll create extraordinary change in your home and through how others see you.

Posted on March 10, 2014 .