Old and New Together


The other night, my husband and I, attended an event here in Laredo and met some very interesting people. While talking to one of them about what each of us does for a living, I mentioned I’m an interior designer and, through the conversation, I learned that most people here tend to shy away from modern style interiors or furniture because they feel "cold". That they tend to be more inclined to very classic decor, which to them is warm and inviting, as opposed to a modern/contemporary look. That's why in the majority of cases you'll find very classic decor such as Victorian, with heavy brocade dark rich colored fabric drapes and tassels, crown moldings, brown furniture, dark fixtures on bathrooms and kitchens, antique chandeliers, etc., and also some classic architectural elements such as arches, tiles on the roof, and heavy and ornate wrought iron elements, to name a few. However, I tend to differ in that way of thinking.

Because of my field of study and also through the work experiences I've had while working with very talented renowned interior designers in New York City and through the traveling I've done, I've learned to appreciate different styles of decoration. I've seen how elements of different styles such as classic, modern and contemporary marry perfectly together. So, in a way, I understand why this gentleman can have this opinion. Still, I've learned to see beyond a specific decorating style and be able to combine them for a more eclectic feel while achieving that luxurious ambiance that they so desire, and while at it, making it their own. 

There was this furniture ad on a magazine, I remember seeing sometime ago, which placed these very modern pieces of furniture inside a very classic and luxurious interior that had ornate moldings on walls, a gorgeous mantle fireplace, with breathtaking marble floors, and I said to myself "how beautiful is this". For most people, I’m sure it was shocking and probably thought that it made no sense to place those pieces inside of a palace-like room like that one but, I think the composition was brilliant!

In the image that accompanies this article, which I found on Freshome.com (http://freshome.com/2014/01/02/victorian-house-london-edge-old-new/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+FreshInspirationForYourHome+%28Freshome.com%29), lays a perfect example of that fusion of styles that can definitely be achieved flawlessly, even here in Laredo. You can have your crown moldings, your medallions around your ceiling fixture’s canopy with a modern pendant lamp hanging from it, and large plank wooden floors and put in a contemporary lamp, modern rocking chair, simple straight-lined minimalist armoire and a shaggy area rug together and have that room feel luxuriously elegant without all the usual heaviness associated with Victorian style decorations.

Try to think outside the box and create a unique space with the right pieces and a design professional by your side. I promise you it will be worth it. For more advice follow me on Facebook at Benero Design, Twitter (@benerodesign) and Pinterest (benerodesign).

Posted on January 11, 2014 .